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X. Lesson 24

Lesson 24


Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves REALISTIC FICTION
written and illustrated by James Rumford
*Access Student Book 2 start on pg. 266
Target Vocabulary: guided, rippled, arrival, voyage, twisted, aboard, anchor, spotted, bay, lava
Vocabulary Strategy: Words from other languages
Phonics Skills: Prefixes un-, pre-, re-, bi-
Comprehnsion Skills: Author's purpose -- use text details to tell why an author writes a book
Comprehension Strategy: Question -- ask questions before you read, while you read, and after you read
Written Language:
What is an Adverb?
Words that describe verbs are called adverbs. Adverbs can come before or after the verbs they describe.
Adverbs that Tell How:
       On boat trips everything must work perfectly.
       We can easily fix things that break.
Adverbs in these sentences tell how.
Most adverbs that tell how end in -ly
Adverbs that Tell When and Where:
         We went swimming with dolphins there.
         Then we watched the seals.
Adverbs in these sentences tell when and where.
Prefixes re- & un-

1. unfold

2. rejoin

3. untie

4. reheat

5. unfair

6. unclear

7. repaid

8. rewrite

9. unhurt

10. recheck

11. unlucky

12. unwrap

13. reuse

14. unsure

15. reread

16. unsafe

17. unbuckle

18. unknown