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W. Lesson 23

Lesson 23

The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman FANTASY
by Darcy Pattison --- illustration by Joe Cepeda
*Access Student Book 2 start on pg. 230
Target Vocabulary: sincere, conversations, managed, inspired, loaded, reunion, loveliest, currently, terror, pleasure
Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes -er, -est
Phonics Skills: Suffixes -ful, -y, -ous, -ly, -er
Comprehnsion Skills: Sequence of events -- tell the time order in which events happen
Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/evaluate -- think about what you read and then form an opinion about it
Written Language:
An abbreviation is a short way to write a word. Most abbreviations begin with capital letters and end with periods.
         ex. Monday; August
               Mon. ; Aug.
Places whose names can be abbreviated include roads, streets, lanes, avenues, and boulevards.
         ex. Harrison Rd., Maple St., Elmira Ln., Plainville Ave., and Broad Blvd.
Suffixes -ful, -ly, and -er

1. singer

2. loudly

3. joyful

4. teacher

5. fighter

6. closely

7. powerful

8. farmer

9. quickly

10. careful

11. friendly

12. speaker

13. wonderful

14. truly

15. hopeful

16. safely

17. listener

18. calmly