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U. Lesson 21

Lesson 21

Two Bad Ants FANTASY
written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg
*Access Student Book 2 start on pg. 170
Target Vocabulary: scout, narrow, surrounded, underground, puzzling, glassy, violently, liquid, soggy, unaware
Vocabulary Strategy: Base words and prefix non-
Phonics Skills: Base words and -ed, -ing (with and without spelling changes: double the final consonant and drop the final e)
Comprehnsion Skills: Story structure -- name the setting, character, and plot in a story
Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify -- as you read, find a way to clear up what doesn't make sense
Written Language:
Possessive Nouns:
possessive noun shows that a person or animal owns or has something.
Add an apostophe and s ('s) to a singular noun to make it a possessive noun.
      ex. Dan found the scientist's report.
Add an apostrophe to a plural noun that ends in s (s') to make it a possessive noun.
      ex. Ants' homes are called colonies.
Some pronouns can take the place of possessive nouns. A pronoun that shows ownership is called a possessive pronoun.
Possessive Pronouns
my     your     her     his     its     our     their
       ex. An ant crawled on Karla's leg.
             An ant crawled on her leg.
             I swept ants off the girls' table.
             I swept ants off their table.
Words with -ed & -ing

1. coming

2. swimming

3. dropping

4. tapping

5. taping

6. invited

7. saving

8. stared

9. planned

10. changing

11. joking

12. loved

13. gripped

14. tasted

15. making

16. stopped

17. freezing

18. scared