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S. Lesson 19

Lesson 19

Dogzilla FANTASY
written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey
*Access Student Book 2 start on pg. 104
Target Vocabulary: fiery, within, scientific, ancient, mysterious, emergency, panicking, horrifying, prehistoric, immediately
Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes pre-, re-, bi-
Phonics Skills: Vowel sounds in spoon and wood; vowel diphthongs ooewueouui in multi-syllable words
Comprehnsion Skills: Cause and effect -- tell how one event makes another happen and why
Comprehension Strategy: Summarize -- tell the important parts of the story in your own words
Written Language:
Irregular Verbs
The verbs come, do, eat, give, go, grow, run, see, take, and write have special spellings to show past tense. These verbs may also have other spellings when they are used with has, had, or have.

       ex. A mouse had gone into our house.
            The mouse ran into the woods yesterday.
            My mother gave me a chapter bok about dogs.
            The author has written books about other animals.
Vowel Sounds in spoon wood

1. mood

2. wooden

3. drew

4. smooth

5. blue

6. balloon

7. true

8. crooked

9. chew

10. tooth

11. hooves

12. cool

13. food

14. pooch

15. blew

16. foot

17. loose

18. jewel