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R. Lesson 18

Lesson 18

by Arthur Dorros --- illustrated by S.D. Schindler
*Access Student Book 2 start on pg. 68
Target Vocabulary: pollen, store, clumps, passages, absorb, throughout, coverings, spines, tropical, dissolve
Vocabulary Strategy: Categorize and classify
Phonics Skills: Words with /k/ and /kw/
Comprehnsion Skills: Text and graphic features -- tell how words and photos work together
Comprehension Strategy: Question -- ask questions before you read, while you read, and after you read
 Written Language
Using the Verb be and Helping Verbs\
The special verb be has different forms. Different subjects use these different forms. Am, is, and are show present tense. Was and were show past tense.
     ex. Ms. Greene was our teacher last year.
           We were interested in her book on deserts.
           One large desert is in Africa.
Helping verbs work with the main verb to help show time. Singular and plural subjects use different forms.


Helping Verb

Singular nouns

Pronouns: he, she, it

is, was, has

Plural nouns

Pronouns: you, we, they

are, have, were

Pronoun: I

am, was, have

       ex. My best friend was helping me.
             He has finished his work.
             The two friends were talking quietly.
             We have walked to the store.
             They are driving to the city.
             I am going to school.
             I was excited about the snow.
Spelling the /k/ & /kw/ sounds

1. shark

2. check

3. queen

4. circus

5. flake

6. crack

7. second

8. squeeze

9. quart

10. squeak

11. quick

12. coldest

13. Africa

14. Mexico

15. black

16. thank

17. correct

18. question