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Q. Lesson 17

Lesson 17

The Albertosaurus Mystery INFORMATIONAL TEXT
by T. V. Padma
*Access Student Book 2 start on pg. 38
Target Vocabulary: clues, remains, evidence, prove, fossils, skeletons, uncovering, buried, fierce, location
Vocabulary Strategy: Suffix -ly
Phonics Skills: Words with /j/ and /s/; words with the VCCCV pattern
Comprehnsion Skills: Conclusions -- use details to figure out ideas that the author doesn't state
Comprehension Strategy: Visualize -- as you read, use selection details to picture what is happening
Written Language:
Adjective and Articles
The words aan, and the are special adjectives called articles.
     -Use a and an before singular nouns. Use a before words that begin with a consonant. Use an before words that begin with a vowel.
     -Use the for both singual and plural nouns.
         ex. College student dug along (the, an) bank of a river.
               The were trying to find (a, an) old village.
               Long ago, Native Americans built (a, an) town there.
Some adjectives are formed from proper nouns.
     -Adjectives that are formed from proper nouns always begin with a capital letter.
        ex. We saw some Mexican paintings at the museum.
                   The adjective Mexican is formed from the proper noun Mexico.
Words with /j/ & /s/ sounds


1. age

2. space

3. change

4. jawbone

5. jacket

6. giant

7. pencil

8. circle

9. once

10. large

11. dance

12. jeans

13. bounce

14. huge

15. nice

16. place

17. excited

18. gigantic