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O. Lesson 15

Lesson 15

The Extra-good Sunday HUMOROUS FICTION
by Beverly Cleary --- illustrated by Tuesday Mourning
*Access Student Book start on pg. 486
Target Vocabulary: anxiously, degrees, tense, ingredients, recommended, remarked, festive, cross
Vocabulary Strategy: Using a thesaurus
Phonics Skills: Words with er, ir, ur, or
Comprehnsion Skills: Understanding characters -- tell why characters act as they do
Comprehension Strategy: Infer/predict -- use clues to figure out more about the selection
Written Language:
Verbs in the Past:
-Most verbs show past tense by adding -ed.
          Karen cooked dinner.
          We depended on the overn.
-Some verbs end with e. Drop the e and add -ed
         Karen joked with her brother.
-Some verbs end with a consonant and y. To form the past-tense form, change the y to i, and add -ed. (carry)
        Rollie carried his lunch.
-Some verbs end with one vowel followed by one consonant (closed syllable, short vowel sound). To form the past-tense form, double the consonant, and add -ed. (pat)
         Eduardo patted his stomach.
Vowel + /r/ Sound in nurse

1. nurse

2. work

3. shirt

4. hurt

5. first

6. word

7. serve

8. curly

9. dirt

10. third

11. worry

12. turn

13. stir

14. firm

15. her

16. girl

17. perfect

18. hamburger