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G. Lesson 7

Lesson 7

What Do Illustrators Do? INFORMATIONAL TEXT
written and illustrated by Eileen Christelow
*Access Student Book start on pg. 222
Target Vocabulary: tracing (paper), imagine, illustrate, scibbles, sketches, research, textures, tools
Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms
Phonics Skills: Words with three-letter clusters (scr-, spr-, str-, thr-)
Comprehnsion Skills: Text and graphic features -- tell how words and art work together
Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/evaluate -- think about what you read and form an opinion about it
Written Language:
Verb Tenses
-Present Tense: verbs in the present tense either have an -s ending with a singular subject or do not have -s ending with a plural subject.
-Past Tense: verbs in the past tense have an -ed ending to show past time.
-Future Tense: verbs in the future tense use the helping verb will
    ex. An illustrator creates pictures. Present
         Illustrators create pictures. Present
         An illustrator created pictures yesterday. Past
         The illustrator will create a picture for the new story. Future
Three Letter Clusters
Tic-Tac-Toe Menu -- see attachment at bottom of page

1. three

2. scrap

3. street

4. spring

5. thrill

6. scream

7. strange

8. throw

9. string

10. scrape

11. spray

12. threw

13. strong

14. scratch

15. think

16. they

17. straight

18. scramble

Non-fiction rap

Non-fiction rap

Brain pop: Verb Tenses: