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K. Lesson 11

Lesson 11

Jump: from the life of Michael Jordan BIOGRAPHY
written and illustrated by Floyd Cooper
*Access Student Book start on pg. 366
Target Vocabulary: athlete, competitor, championship, professional, power, court, rooting, entire
Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes -y, -ful, -ous
Phonics Skills: Vowel Diphthongs oi, oy
Comprehnsion Skills: Fact and Opinion
Comprehension Strategy: Question
Written Language:
More Plural Nouns
- Nouns ending in y preceded by a consonant is formed into a plural by changing y to ies.
    examples: lady/ladies; city/cities; army/armies
-Nouns ending in y preceded by a vowel form their plurals by adding s.
    examples: boy/boys; day/days
-Some nouns ending in f or fe are made plural by changing f or fe to ves.
    examples: wife/wives; leaf/leaves; calf/calves
-Irregular plurals are nouns that their spelling changes to form a plural
    examples: man/men; woman/women; child/children; foot/feet; tooth/teeth; ox/oxen; mouse/mice; goose/geese
-The spelling of some nouns does not change in the plural
    examples: fish/fish; deer/deer; sheep/sheep
Spell words with the vowel sound in joy
Tic-Tac-Toe Menu -- see attachment at bottom of page

1. joy

2. point

3. voice

4. join

5. oil

6. coin

7. noise

8. spoil

9. toy

10. joint

11. boy

12. soil

13. choice

14. boil

15. come

16. are

17. poison

18. destroy